The Social Project

Although this project is the fruit of a personal passion, it is clear that its magnitude and potential visibility go far beyond those of a mere individual initiative.

Believing in the motto of the French philosopher Albert Camus that 'we are responsible for what we do, what we do not do and what we prevent others from doing', I will take on the challenge of creating a social impact as strong as the size of the project itself.

The Social Project aims to draw national attention to the issue of accessibility and to the importance of personal assistance and support the 'Vida (IN)Dependente' project of the Portuguese Neuromuscular Association.

The Social Project will be achieved mainly through the donation of surplus raised for the financing of the project and the sale of postcards depicting the journey, not closing doors to other means of raising money. The buyer will be able to choose from a selection of photos taken during the trip that will be added to the website.

Each card will cost 5€, payable online, to be distributed as follows: 3€ revert to the 'Vida (IN)Dependente' project and 2€ for financing the trip.

Any person will be invited to contribute a larger amount, reverting the entire surplus to the 'Vida (IN)Dependente' project.

Although we guarantee the shipment of all postcards, their delivery will depend only on the efficiency of the various postal services. To minimize the effects of potential problems outside our sphere of influence, the buyer will receive a copy of the postcard purchased in his/her email.
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